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Why Is Hanna Rosin Mad At God? / Emini Futures Trading - Friday November 20th, 2009


Why Is This Woman Mad At God?

She takes it out on Conservatives, Born Again Believers, Patrick Henry College, Sarah Palin, and Mothers who Breast-Feed just to name a few, but the obvious underlying theme here is God Anger. Pure and Simple.

Of course we've all raised our puny little fist at some point and questioned or even possibly threatened Him. However, while most of us quickly regain our senses and repent, she's managed to turn it into a paycheck.

Her anger doesn't stop with the Almighty, it extends to unborn children -
"Some of this reaction can be explained just by listing the religious right's priorities in order. In the pantheon of family values, avoiding abortion sits at the top, above marriage or staying home to raise your children. Conservatives have spent the last 30 years seeding the country with crisis pregnancy centers dedicated to convincing young women not to abort their babies, regardless of their personal situations. The fact that Britney Spears' younger sister made the same decision to keep her pregnancy at 17 and that Juno was a hit movie only adds an unexpected glamour to the choice."

And should they manage to avoid Planned Parenthood and escape the Forceps of the Late Term Abortionist, give them no milk cries Hannah. Well, at least not their mother's milk.
The evidence for the value of breastfeeding is scientific, it is strong, and it is continually being reaffirmed by new research work. The American Academy of Pediatrics encourages women to make an informed decision about feeding their infants based on scientifically established information from credible resources. David T. Tayloe, Jr., MD, FAAP President American Academy of Pediatrics

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I think you get the point. Google her, listen to today's broadcast, make your own decision.

Did Christianity Cause the Crash or Did Hannah Need a Paycheck?

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  1. "angry at god" is a cheap and easy way to forcibly frame the argument into a convenient context, but at the expense of totally missing the point. Rosin is angry (if at all) at idiocy, and the PEOPLE she "attacks" are those she thinks, rightly or wrongly, don't have a clue. the clue for YOU should be the fact that she has nothing whatsoever to say directly about God.

    but if, instead of a childish resistance to a perfect deity, she's making some sort of informed comment about those who believe in Him ... oh goodness that means you might have to formulate some sort of counter-argument; and that might get complicated


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