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Financial Transaction Tax / Emini Futures Trading Monday December 7th, 2009


 Need we say anything?

Financial Transaction Tax
We received numerous emails today regarding  the "Trader's Tax". Yes it is real, and yes you do need to contact your congressman. We first reported on the proposed tax during a broadcast back in February -

Feb 21, 2009
Tell Congress to Block the Trader Tax - H.R. 1068. (SPDR)(AAPL)(QQQQ)(GOOG)(SPY) H.R.1068 : To amend the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 to impose a tax on certain securities transactions to the extent required to recoup the net cost of ...

and again in March

Mar 13, 2009
This is not a tax on profit, its a transaction tax that you pay regardless of the outcome of your trade. No one day trades with that kind of profit factor that I know, or have heard of. That means daytrading the ES ends, ...

We encourage you now as we did then to let congress know this tax will not cripple Wall Street, it will strangle Main Street. This is serious folks. Read the blogs above, listen to the podcasts, Take Action! If we do nothing we may all be saying "Welcome to Wal-Mart" in the very near future. I have received a return letter from My congressman assuring me he will vote NO!

More on Climate-Gate

Tomorrow, Burton Schlichter will join us on-air for our  opening commentary.

Capture the Move w/ Burton Schlichter

Capture the Move is a commodities futures and options trade advisory published by , a veteran trader and senior market strategist with Daniels Trading in Chicago.  CTM was created to give ‘easy to understand’ and specific trade recommendations to both the novice and the experienced trader.  In addition to spending 12 hours a day, 6 days a week following the market, my knowledge and experience in fundamental and technical analysis are available to guide you through the process.  CTM offers an in-depth look at market strategies allowing you to capitalize on them.  This is accomplished by pinpointing entry levels, targets and stop losses designed to capture intermediate to long-term price moves.  CTM is catered to offering promising ideas for the serious trader in a precise manner with specific recommendations and risk parameters.

What you can expect to receive

Via email, subscribers will receive explicit trade recommendations, or ‘trade alerts’, which describe specific entry levels, stop losses, targets along with brief explanations of the trade.  CTM doesn’t stop there.  Risk management of the trade from start to finish is a high priority.  Common phrases used throughout the life of each trade include:  “trailing stops”, “reducing risk” and “locking in profits”.  CTM will notify you from start to finish the progress of each trade.  Additionally, you’ll be provided access to your account 24 hours a day, so you always have full transparency of the day’s action.
As a client of Daniels Trading there is no cost to you - full access to a dedicated, experienced professional is at your fingertips.  Join the others who have Captured the Move and allow yourself to become an active trader while still maintaining your busy life.

 Burton R. Schlichter

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