Sunday, December 27, 2009

Last Show Before Christmas / Emini Futures Trading - Tuesday December 22nd, 2009


Our final official broadcast of 2009 was Tuesday December 22nd. (click here)

It's now Sunday evening, the house is quiet, and yes... it was a wonderful Christmas.

I know that in the week leading up to the big day some of my commentary may have sounded a bit Scroogish, but I offer the following as evidence that I'm really not Ebenezer.

I put these up myself - (ok the wife helped a little)

And yes the mall was "Holiday Hell" but these smiles made it all worth it.

So you ask "What does this have to with trading?"
Now who's the Scrooge?

I hope your Christmas was equally as wonderful and that on some level you were touched in a special way not by Target, or Tinsel, or Tra-La-La-La-La, but by family and friends and most of all, in your celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ.

S&P 500 Emini Futures Trading
Let's take a quick look at what happened since our last broadcast.

Tuesday our last broadcast day, the market repeatedly found support at our 1110/1111 zone. On Wed morning the market dipped one last time to rattle the door knob at 1111 (1111.25 to be exact) and began a light volume climb that took it to our next level 1124/1125 on tonight's open.

Our next official market broadcast will be January 4th, 2010. We will however, offer a live daily devotional this week @ our regular time through New Year's Eve and we may even have a special guest or two. Although we are not trading this week for reasons previously discussed, here are the areas where in our opinion, the market will be forced to make important decisions that can become great trading opportunities.








Ranges are exceptionally tight this week and a major breakout in either direction would come as no surprise. From tax selling to window dressing to terrorism........
Be careful out there!

As always,
Pray Hard & Trade Safe

Blessings to you and yours,

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