Friday, December 04, 2009

Leslie Burton Joins the CFRN Team / Emini Futures Trading - Friday December 4th, 2009


Leslie Burton, Publisher of The Weekly Gold Digger

About The Weekly Gold Digger and Leslie Burton
The Weekly Gold Digger has been a concept in my mind for many years!  I had begun my interest in the precious metals business in 1979, working in a precious metals recycling business.  We had an EPA approved furnace and chemical tanks to recycle the metals derived from scrap and X-Ray Film that was collected from hospitals.  This is where my tracking of the metals began to zero in on the fluctuations and the refinery money rendered upon each delivery.  Commodities seemed like a natural fit from the physical metal, so I became an AP in 1985 spending most of my free time in a trading room set-up for the floor brokers to come off the floor to do their charting while they have a break.  This is where I learned the most valuable lessons regarding the mindset of the floor traders and how they look at the specific formations on a very short-term basis.  I found that because someone owned a seat and was a floor broker did not necessarily give them the ability to trade or have any control over their future.  Sometimes the seat price fluctuations themselves were a tradable commodity.  I discovered that a meat trader may have great insight into a potential slide in the stock market.  I found that while I enjoyed learning varied indicators and methods in trading that I was constantly looking to integrate more as a way of filtering the trades through a cone that became more and more refined.  This process is ongoing and I continue to enjoy sharing my ideas with others and regard the analysis and study to be infinite.  It is in this exchange that I have written the “Weekly Gold Digger” to formulate ideas about the future pricing of the metals and related commodities.
The Weekly Gold Digger is a weekly publication to hone in on the Gold market in the present economic environment.  The publication may point out historical factors that have or may influence the price of gold.  The Gold market is tracked and forecast in its relationship to the US Dollar Index and many other markets that may affect the price.  Assets move according to market sentiment and chart formations that may trigger buying or selling trends.  Exact trade recommendations may occur when optimum conditions are met.  Risk management is emphasized on trade recommendations.
  • A general summary of the markets action and the related commodity markets such as the US Dollar and Crude Oil markets.
  • A forecast including targets with support and resistance numbers.
  • Trade Recommendations on occasion with Risk Management included.
  • Chart example to reference points of interest.
  • On occasion educational web seminars
For both novices or experienced traders, the “Weekly Gold Digger” attempts to make sense of the economic environment and bring a way to strategize using one of the most enduring and valued commodities traded!

"I let my 24 years of "lessons learned" to act as an informational storehouse for my clients. We can then sort through the trading methods and risk management of the client to adapt to the current market conditions."

Leslie Burton
Futures & Options Broker
Senior Market Strategist
Daniels Trading
(877) 224-1952 / (312) 706-7648                                       
(312) 706-7548 FAX

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