Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Lost Pod / Emini Futures Trading - Wednesday December 16th, 2009

Either a technical glitch or old age created today's now infamous "Lost Pod Episode"

Be it software failure or just the old guy forgetting to hit the Red Button, today's show (all 3 1/2 hours) is gone, as though it didn't happen, as if it never existed. Poof!

But we know better, don't we?

It did happen, and it was bloody well awesome!

S&P Emini Futures

When you click the chart above and "blow it up", you'll see the weekly levels that were in play today and some arrows. The arrows in tonight's chart do not represent any particular trade that we may or may not have taken in real time with or without real money. =)

What each arrow represents is a Decision Point. They represent places one would consider entering the market as opposed to exiting if you happen to already be in. Get it? I hope so because there is a difference. Our Bias indicator turned bearish immediately following the Fed announcement and remains such on the Globex session. Should the market trade below 1101 and hold, refer back to Monday nights post for the areas we believe will be important.

David Marsh Live

Thursday December 17th, 2009

2:00pm Eastern
It's been almost 2 years since we spoke with David on-air. In fact, shortly after our last interview he became so overwhelmed that he decided to "Shut Down". The good news is, it didn't take long for David to realize that his true calling is teaching. Yes, he makes a nice living trading, but his greatest satisfaction comes from helping others learn to do the same. We're glad that David is back in the game and we look forward to a series of interviews leading up to his next webinar and the release of his newest product which in his own words is "Killin' It".

If you missed our interview 2 years ago - Click Here

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