Thursday, December 17, 2009

Return of the Pod / Emini Futures Trading - Thursday December 17th, 2009


Now Showing: "Return of the Pod"

The podmaster was all over the podcaster today, checking and re-checking to make sure those of you in Pod-Land would not be disappointed again. As always, just click the headline above to replay today's show. Of course for the sophisticates in Pod-Land, we also offer the ability to subscribe to the daily pod via Apple iTunes and about 78 other various and sundry pod-catching app's. So whether you tune in live and trade along with us, or enjoy the show after the fact, we're just happy to have you as part of the CFRN Family!

Merry Christmas!

S&P Emini Futures Trading

Tonight's commentary will be brief. Go look at the levels listed in Monday night's post, then blow-up today's chart. Those are the same levels you see in play on today's chart. (that's why we call them weekly levels)    

We will be taking time off for the Holiday's beginning next Wed and we will return on Monday January 4th, the first trading day of 2010. 

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