Thursday, January 14, 2010

Santa Fe Gold Corp / SFEG News


Santa Fe Gold Nearing Production of Gold and Silver at Summit Project
Business Wire(Mon, Dec 7)

Quick Update on Santa Fe Gold Corp - SFEG
Based on recent press releases and the time lines detailed, I would venture a guess that the announcement of production at the Summit property is in fact rapidly approaching.

David Morgan of The Morgan Report, one of the most preeminent experts in silver, gold, and precious metals, recently did an interview with Ellis Martin. Here's a short excerpt -

"So it’s a tough, tough business as well as a very exciting business. There are very few “investments” that you can make (and I used quotation marks because really they’re speculations) where you can put in a few dollars and come out making a lot of dollars. The problem is you have so many to choose from. There are more than 4,000 of them and most of them never materialize. The odds are probably 2,000 to 1 that something you buy actually becomes a mining project. So a tough game, an exciting game, one in which I teach to “bet a little to win a lot.” These are situations where you know you want to put in a small amount of money and if it hits it’s going to make you a significant amount of money."

There you have it. The odds are probably 2,000 to 1 that something you buy as a junior mining and exploration stock wll actually becomes a full blown producer. When Santa Fe Gold announces production, they will become that 1 in 2,000 David Morgan refers to.

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As a shareholder, or just somoene looking for the right gold and silver opportunity, you want to be privy to the pipeline. This will be the biggest news event in the history of Santa Fe Gold. 

If you missed our most recent interview with CEO Dr Pierce Carson and RJ Bommarito the new Director of Shareholder Communications (Listen Now)

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