Monday, February 22, 2010

Trade Stalker / Emini Traders Boot Camp


"I've lost so much money trading...I'm throwing in the towel!"
"I wish I'd found you years ago BEFORE I went broke trading!
"I make some money, then I give it right back...what am I doing wrong?"
"If I lose any more money trading, my wife's going to make me quit."
We get emails like this on a regular basis. It's really sad,
heartbreaking actually...especially since we've had the
solution for them all along. Unfortunately, alot of times by
the time they find us, it's too late. Don't let this be you!
These guys didn't have the right tools or experience to
compete. They had big dreams and high hopes of being a
successful trader, quitting their day jobs, building their
nest eggs. Unfortunately, big dreams and high hopes just
aren't enough to be successful trader.
So, here is the solution on how to become a SUCCESSFUL
Mike is willing to show you EXACTLY what his set ups are,
and how to use them. He'll show you how he finds his nightly
support and resistance levels. He will basically "give up
the farm" to 8 traders who are ready to make an appreciable
difference in their trading profits. Spend the week picking
his brain, and he'll show you how he's been able to make a
successful living day trading and how you can too!
Mike's week long "RBI Trading Camp" identifies every trick
and technique he's learned over the past 27 years that has
allowed him to gain an almost unfair advantage in Day
You as a trader need to know the secrets that Mike
reveals during camp in order to compete with the
professional "big" trader's out there who are dominating the
Can't travel? That's Ok..."RBI Trading Camp" is held in
Mike's virtual trading room via Hotcomm, so you have no
hotel, no meal, or travel costs. You attend from the comfort
of your own home!
To learn more about how you can trade alongside Mike for a
week, please go the webpage below. Better hurry though,
there's only 8 spots available!
"RBI Trading Camp" will be held MARCH 7TH - 13TH.
No other course out there even comes close!
To Your Success,

PS/ Not every trader gets in. Tell 'em CT sent you from CFRN!

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