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Kill the Angels - Weekly Trading Zones / Emini Futures Trading - Sunday April 18, 2010


Angel investors don’t usually stay up at night worrying about Capitol Hill. But a financial reform bill proposed by Chris Dodd, the Democrat chairing the Senate Banking Committee, includes new restrictions on startups and angels. Not surprisingly, investors aren’t happy about it, saying it’s “insane,” “frankly ridiculous,” and aims to “destroy Silicon Valley.”

There are three changes that should have a particular effect on angel investors, a catch-all category which includes everyone from friends and family members who invest in a startup, to unaffiliated wealthy individuals, to side investments made by venture capitalists acting on their own. (read more)

Friday, April 16, 2010
Louise Yamada is legendary for her technical work on Wall Street and has made some amazing calls in her career including as an example; water all the way back in 1995 when no one was looking at water....
Friday, April 16, 2010
Mark Hanson is Founder and Managing Director of MHanson Advisors a 20 year veteran of the mortgage industry. Mark consults for investment funds and he has appeared on CNBC, Fox Business, Bloomberg,...
Tuesday, April 13, 2010
In our continuing coverage of what could be the largest fraud in history we interviewed Jim Rickards the day after the release of the Harvey and Lenny Organ and Adrian Douglas blockbuster to get his...

One More Reason Why SFEG Makes Sense 
(they actually have Gold) 

(The Intelligence Daily) — For a long time many of us have had very serious suspicions that the prices of gold and silver were being highly manipulated. But now, thanks to the mind blowing testimony of one very brave whistle blower, the blatant manipulation of the world gold and silver markets is being blown wide open.  What you are about to read below is absolutely staggering. 

Once the American people learn how incredibly corrupt the world financial system is, it is going to change everything.  The government that we are all trusting to guard the integrity of the financial system is failing to do that job.  It turns out that the Commodities Futures Trading
Commission has been sitting on solid evidence that the elite banking powers have been openly and blatantly manipulating the price of gold and silver.  Even though they were basically handed a “smoking gun”, they have done absolutely nothing with it.  But now the information has gone public and the CFTC is red-faced. 

Back in November 2009, Andrew Maguire, a former Goldman Sachs silver trader in Goldman’s London office, contacted the CFTC’s Enforcement Division and reported the illegal manipulation of the silver market by traders at JPMorgan Chase.

Maguire told the CFTC how silver traders at JPMorgan Chase openly bragged about their exploits - including how they sent a signal to the market in advance so that other traders could make a profit during price suppression episodes.

Traders would recognize these signals and would make money shorting precious metals alongside JPMorgan Chase.  Maguire explained to the CFTC how there would routinely be market manipulations at the time of option expiries, during non-farm payroll data releases, during commodities exchange contract rollovers, as well as at other times if it was deemed necessary.

On February 3rd, Maguire gave the CFTC a two day warning of a market manipulation event by email to Eliud Ramirez, who is a senior investigator for the CFTC’s Enforcement Division.

Maguire warned Ramirez that the price of precious metals would be suppressed upon the release of non-farm payroll data on February 5th.  As the manipulation of the precious metals markets was unfolding on February 5th, Maguire sent additional emails to Ramirez
explaining exactly what was going on.

And it wasn’t just that Maguire predicted that the price would be forced down.  It was the level of precision that he was able to communicate to the CFTC that was the most stunning.  He warned the CFTC that the price of silver was to be taken down regardless of what happened to the employment numbers and that the price of silver would end up below $15 per ounce. Over the next couple of days, the price of silver was indeedtaken down from $16.17 per ounce down to a low of $14.62 per ounce. Because of Maguire’s warning, the CFTC was able to watch a crime unfold, right in front of their eyes, in real time.

So what did the CFTC do about it?
Absolutely nothing.
Which is extremely alarming, because the size of this fraud absolutely dwarfs the Madoff or Enron scandals.  In fact, this fraud is so gigantic that it is not even worth comparing to any of the other major financial scandals of recent times.  
(you just might to want to own some real gold - i.e., SFEG)

Did the "news" that broke Friday on Goldman Sachs surprise you? 

I told you these guys were crooks 5 years ago. 4 years ago. 3 years ago. 2 years ago. 1 year ago. Last month. Last week. Yes, I know, some of my guests have vigorously defended their right to capitalism. BFD! There is no one on this big blue/green marble that believes in capitalism more than I do. I just don't believe in fraud.

Act surprised if you want to. Go ahead...but you have heard it here day after day after day. Go listen to the podcasts. We told you GS took government money and bet against their clients. We told you that incest is an accepted practice between the Fed and GS. We told you not to take the loans, not to invest in the loans, to wait until the bottom fell out and scoop up the bargains. Right? People said we were crazy, Un-American. They said we wore tin-foil hats. That we were right wing nutbaggers way before the phrase teabagger was even coined. Right? Of course.......

So are we happy we were right? No.
Happy we were vindicated... I guess so.

So now what? (stay tuned and find out...)

Weekly Trading Zones
Oh my goodness. How easy would it be to thump our chest and say we called the weekly top 4 days before it happened within a point? Before the world learned what we already knew, I guess it would be easy. In fact, not only did we post it Sunday night, we reminded everyone with a chart that our weekly top was in on Thursday........... Right? 

We don't post our weekly zones so that we can feel righteous after the fact.  We post them to help you know where price will be forced to make a decision. So that you can make intelligent trading decisions in the heat of the action. Have a look at yesterdays post. Look at the "highest weekly zone" chart and then the "24 day price channel" chart. If you see what I hope you see...drop me an email.

This will be the last set of Weekly Zones until I return from Machu Picchu.

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Dow Emini Futures Trading

Pray Hard & Trade Safe!

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