Sunday, May 23, 2010

Live Trading w/ Michael Borque Developer of Stack Trade - Friday May 21, 2010


With the exception of some brief technical difficulties on my end, our live broadcast and webinar Friday went exceedingly well. The audio portion was recorded (Listen Now)

This past week was not without its own drama but the market does seem to have settled down just a bit as evidenced by price behavior in relation to our Weekly Trading Zones. There is a theory in the markets that whenever something abnormal happens, call it a glitch, bad tick, fat finger trade, ghost in the machine, theft, it doesn't matter. The theory says that price will revisit the scene of the drama to test whether or not it was real or in fact just one of the things listed above. The test we had Friday came as no surprise. It was however a bit uncanny that the final leg up into the close turned at exactly 1068 which was our lowest Weekly Trading Zone published last Sunday night. Throughout the week we saw many instances of the Weekly Zones doing what they do best. Here are a few charts highlighting the week.

S&P 500 / ES Emini Futures

DOW / YM Emini Futures

Only a few people know that we are returning to the airwaves Monday May 25th @ 11AM EDT. You are now one of those select few. See ya there.....

Pray Hard & Trade Safe!

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