Friday, May 07, 2010

Page Trader Webinar w/ David Williams


Tuesday, May 11
03:30 PM - 04:30 PM CST

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Obsessed with Daytrading Perfection?
S&P Messenger PRO truly stands alone! For no other system available comes close to S&P Messenger PRO's precision daytrading entries and exits, or it's nearly perfect market calls. You won't want to trade another day without it. Messenger PRO. It's Trading Inspired.
Three Complete Trading Products in One
1. S&P Messenger PRO: A complete online daytrading system including precision market entry, exit and stops, point to point price forecasts, time / price targets, animated charts, directional Trend Meter, and live trading avatar.
2. Ultra-precise Support - Resistance Panel: S&P Messenger PRO's support resistance panel alone can single-handedly give you the equivalent of years of daytrading experience. Just 4 numbers forecast the daily price action. With this one feature and some practice, you can begin taking hundreds or even thousands out of each days move.
3. Turning Point Calendar: A glance at this calendar tells you the exact date of the next market top or bottom with accuracy +/- 1 day. No exaggeration! Complicated market timing systems (selling for $5000 -$10,000 and more) don't come close to the elegance, simplicity and accuracy of this calendar. What's more, those overpriced 'systems' are incapable of accurately forecasting whether a future date will occur specifically as a top or bottom. The Turning Point Calendar does exactly that... and its just one of the many professional features found inside Messenger PRO!

Exclusive Methodology: S&P Messenger PRO and all PageTrader products utilize our exclusive Spatial Relationship Forecasting methodology. Unlike virtually all other trading products, this methodology is NOT based upon repackaged or readjusted indicators, floor pivot points, fib levels, or any other method used by any other trading system. In fact, the methodology and mathematics utilized in S&P Messenger PRO have never been published, so you can be assured you are not paying for the same trading signals offered by ordinary trading systems.

Our promise: S&P Messenger PRO isn't just another noisy chat room or trading forum…you've been there…and you know their results. Instead, S&P Messenger PRO is an exclusive, animated ‘one-way’ multi-media daytrading broadcast which gives you private access to S&P Messenger PRO's powerful trading alerts and forecasts, along with features such as our animated forecast charts and daily turning point calendar!

OurBottom Line: No other competing product can duplicate S&P Messenger PRO's market calls. S&P Messenger and S&P Messenger PRO are truly different, and our consistent day-to-day results prove it!
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S&P Messenger Pro Past Performance
If the trading charts below strike you as handpicked 'picture perfect' examples, carefully singled out to impress and dazzle you...look again! They're nothing more than highlights of the previous week of S&P Messenger in action! Click on any chart to enlarge.
Past Performance Charts

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