Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Emini Futures Trading / It's Not The End Of The World - I Repeat...


"And whatever you ask for in prayer, having faith and believing, you will receive"
(Matthew 21:22, AMP)

Faith is the action that comes
from believing the promises of God really are true.

Daniels Trading Webinar - Thursday 2:30 PM CST
Capture the Move with Burton Schlichter!  

Trade Stalker Daily Results 
The early dip held 1 tick over the 1033.00-1032.50 initial support and the ES then bounced to 1043.75, 1 tick under the 1044.00-1044.50 resistance zone. We were then shorting under 1042 updated resistance and a bounce to 1041.75 stalled and reversed and then the 1036-1035 support was tested. A bounce again failed at updated resistance at the 1038.50-1039.00 zone, and when the 1036-1035 area broke it opened the spigot as the ES fell to 1023.00 by the close.

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Emini Trading Strategies w/ David Marsh

Futures Day Trading: Emini One and Done!
Great start to the trading week with a One and Done coming out of No Zone. Of course, this is a
high probability trade! We’ve been focusing on these trades frequently on the blog as we get request after request for more charts!

Day Trading is a SKILL ! Trading the emini markets is definitely a great business. Regardless of how good the system you trade is, YOU must be the one that has the ability to follow the rules!

Day Trading other Futures Markets with ProIndicatorV2
As per several email requests, we’ve went ahead and recorded live day trading on the Nasdaq Emini Futures Market! I did these 3 videos just under a week ago, just had a chance to post them up. Now we are not selling a Nasdaq Emini course! We sell our S&P Emini Course. However, our optional trading software ProIndicatorV2 works very well on other markets! Many students use it on the Nasdaq, Bonds, Dow, and of course the ES! 

So after reading the survey responses we did these videos to show our software working on other markets! Just the other day we posted 4 live videos recorded Thursday and Friday. Folks, we put our money where our mouths are! We show you live trading on a real day trading account! We are the real deal and we prove it all the time. Not trying to be arrogant, however we have a very successful system and a very successful student base.

We try to show you fresh, live content of real trading! Any other sites doing that? Maybe… Don’t know to be honest :) In any event enjoy the videos and the weekend.

Oh and one more thing, be sure to email us if you’d like to see the most recent (Thursday 6/24) Webinar recording. We’ll have that up for about a week.


Home of the "One and Done" Emini Strategy

Weekly Trading Zones / Daily Results

Pray Hard & Trade Safe!
ps/ it's not the end of the world

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