Monday, July 12, 2010

Back from Vacation - CFRN is Live Monday 07/12/10

Frisco was fantastic! We have now braved our way back into the desert, ready to do radio and trade live once again. Turns out Dr. S did not have extra room on his dinghy in the SF Bay and based on the emails I received it would appear that way too many folks take me way too literal when I feebly attempt to crack wise. Henceforth, I will dial back the humor as it appears I only "crack myself up" and not others..... well...not so much.

Tune in tomorrow / regular time 8AM PDT for serious STUFF! 

If you're a CFRN Family Member you received your Weekly Trading Zones prior to the open this morning via email. If you're not a CFRN Family Member you did not receive your Weekly Trading Zones prior to the open via email. (?)

(?)EASY FIX - Sign up, get 'em free, trade like a wild man. (woman)

It really is that easy. (No Credit Card Required)

Not only will you receive the Weekly Trading Zones each and every week that I'm not on vacation, you will also get a 1 Week Free Trial to our Live Trading Room, a 1 Week Free Trial of our Emini Indicators for TradeStation and Ninja, plus a 1 Week Free Trial of our Execution Platform courtesy of Daniels Trading

Could it possibly get any better?

The only way it could possibly get any better is if I gave you a 1 Week Free Trial to the Live Version of TradeStalker. 

O.K. you got it........... here it is......

Become a CFRN Family Member (click here)
Take the TradeStalker Live 1 Week Free Trial (click here)

(OK, truth is it could possibly get even better if you allow Burt to place trades for you... more on that subject tomorrow night for Family Members via email)

While I was away, Big Rally eh?

Looks good, smells good, but in my opinion it tastes like something else. How do we know for sure? We wait, we watch, we trade what's in front of us. The chart below is the one I'll be discussing tomorrow morning. 

I realize that some view this chart as a shadow. They believe only in the S&P Cash chart. It cost me a lot of money to exorcise that voodoo hex. I now realize that to really trade, you know... really trade, I mean actually trade real money live in front of real live people, the only chart that matters is what I'm trading. Do I want to be aware of other charts and other markets? Yes! Do I want to be lost in a vortex? No! But can I trade high opportunity/low risk riding the back of a so called bell-weather index? Maybe you can... I couldn't. If you can or do, I would love to have you write an article or be a part of our radio program. That would be awesome. We've never had in our 5 years of broadcast  a trader willing to trade live one vehicle based on the chart of another vehicle live in front of real live people. I've heard it could be done. In fact I heard it for years. I just never saw it in real time. If you're that person, come on down. Our audience loves the truth.

CFRN now only allows guests who trade real money, live, in real time.

David Williams - Page Trader
Mike Reed - Trade Stalker
Michael Borque - Stack Trade

If you're tired of concepts, hypothesis, and warm and fuzzy blarney, tune in to what's real. We may not have the charisma of your current guru, but we do have definable methods of trading the markets. No smoke, no mirrors, no cool jargon, just real money for real work.

See ya' in the morning!


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