Monday, July 26, 2010

Emini Futures / Read the Greed-LIVE VOL II

We've put up a sneak peek of "Read the Greed-LIVE!:VOL II"
for all of you who've been itching to get a look at it. You
can click on the link below to check it out:

A trader wrote in and told us he'd like to see..."Exactly
when Mike pulls the trigger on the trade...maybe something
like, "OK here's a set-up developing and I'm going to go
short when price reaches (or set my limit price at)...and
then maybe say bang I'm in right now at 1480." That way we
can see exactly when and where Mike's entered the trade."

Well, that is EXACTLY what you're going to get in "Read the
Greed-LIVE!:VOL II" Mike managing trades "live" in real time.
There is NO DOUBT that the impact this course is going to
have on traders is going to be incredible!

Also, we've been fielding ALOT of questions regarding the
upcoming course. We'll be addressing these questions,
comments, and concerns more in depth soon, but in the
meantime, here are a few of our most asked questions.

Question #1- "Trading courses are all the same. I've spent
so much time and money on trading courses that I can't even is yours any different? and what exactly is
included in your course?"

Question #2 - "Do you offer any kind of support once someone
buys the course?"

Question #3 - "How much is the course going to cost?

Question #4 "Nothing will work for me! I've been trading for
4 years and I've tried several different systems and nothing
seems to help me get turned around. Each year I've lost more
than I've made! - I don't have any doubt that your system
works. I subscribe to your nightly numbers and I'm amazed
how accurate your levels are. To be honest, I'm just afraid
of spending money on another system that just isn't going to
work for me."
Question #5 "I already have the original "Read the Greed-
LIVE!". Am I going to have to purchase this whole new
course, or can I just buy the additions?"

We'll be posting the answers to these questions and more in
a few days, so stay tuned!


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