Saturday, July 03, 2010

Emini Futures trading / CFRN On The Road Again


"…I have learned to be content whatever the circumstances"
(Philippians 4:11, NIV))

Now friends, this is a real picture taken with my iPhone today at 4PM Phoenix time, no photoshop required. It really was 120 degrees in my soccer dad van. It was to be simply a quick dash to Fry's Electronics to grab my wife an external drive for her Netbook, then Fry suddenly took on a whole new meaning. Now the Good News is, we leave tomorrow morning for beautiful San Francisco. When I returned home I checked the temperature in Frisco... 69 delicious degrees. Mark Twain once said "The coldest winter I ever spent was a summer in San Francisco." We are scheduled to be back in Phoenix on the 11th. Perhaps I'll visit Dr. Savage while I'm there and work out a deal to spend the rest of the summer sharing studio space. Either way our next live broadcast will be Monday July 12, 2010.

When we learn to be content whatever the circumstances, whether it's 120 degrees or in chains like Paul, it takes away the power of the enemy. It takes away his ability to frustrate us. Not only that, but by our actions we are showing our faith in God. When you choose to trust in His timing, you can live in peace and enjoy the abundant life that Jesus came to give.

We had a great pre-4th of July show today. Thanks again to Michael for opening up his charts to our audience. The entire CFRN gang dropped by to say Hi before heading out on holiday. Markets will be closed Monday. Have a great Independence Day and take time to reflect on what a truly great nation we live in. I don't care what they say inside the beltway. I don't care how many "Apology Tours" the POTUS embarks on, we are a nation like no other nation on the face of the earth. Home of the Brave and Land of the Free. Hang in there friends. In 2 1/2 year we'll even have a genuine American back in the Oval office. I'm certain of it.

(only the first 43 minutes were uploaded)

Happy Independence Day!

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  1. Cars in Phoenix should come equipped with those 'mist sprayers' that spray cooling water to help deal with the heat there!

    Great word on becoming content...with everything, even Washington!

    Blessings, Randy


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