Thursday, August 26, 2010

Emini Futures Live Trading Room


CFRN Live Trading Room 
Join us Monday through Friday in the "Chart Room" for Live Strategy Sessions with some of America's top traders.

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Sound interesting? Then join us tomorrow Friday August 27th @ 8AM PDT. Click Here to register. The password is graceworks. This link and password will only be valid through tomorrow's session. 

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As a member you will receive an email prior to the open every Monday morning with the weekly link and password along with a "first look" at our Weekly Trading Zones. We open each daily session with a short devotional and a word of prayer then we open our charts and get to work. Trading can be a lonely business. The Good News is, you don't have to go it alone!

Our daily guests include:
  • Mike Reed - 27 years trading experience
  • David Williams - 15 years trading experience
  • Michael Bourque  - 10 years trading experience
  • Burton Schlichter- 15 years trading experience
  • Leslie Burton - 24 years trading experience
  • and many others...
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Special Guest -
Next week we are honored to have with us Garrett Jones. Garrett initially entered the industry as one of only ten people annually accepted on a worldwide basis for Merrill Lynch’s prestigious JET program in 1970 – where he had an opportunity to briefly work in the technical analysis department of the legendary Robert Farrell. He was involved in building up three successful money management firms during his career. All three of these firms were recognized for robust performance, aversion to risk and strong performance in down markets. Mr. Jones is a recognized expert in gold, technical analysis and the long wave economic cycle.

Over the years, he has been a featured speaker at a number of international monetary conferences both domestically and abroad. Mr. Jones has written numerous articles for domestic and international financial publications and participates in radio, TV and media interviews when time permits. He is currently working on a follow up to his 1988 presentation of An In-Depth Analysis of the Long Wave Cycle. The original work was highly acclaimed for its content and coverage of the sequence of events in the economic cycle. Mr. Jones states that “by knowing the sequence of events in the cycle, one can determine where we are in the cycle and know what is next to come. Such information allows one to plan for these coming events as opposed to being surprised by them.”

Garrett believes the next 2 weeks may possibly mark the most dangerous period in market history since the Great Depression. This promises to be both a timely as well as a lively discussion. The interview will be co-hosted by our friend and broker, Burton Schlichter.

Date & Time - TBA on Monday's show.

We have previously showcased some of Garrett's work. To view those charts and listen to our discussion  Click Here. We are excited to now have Garrett live on the program and hope you will be able to join us. There will be a Q&A session to follow.

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