Saturday, December 11, 2010

Begg News From Down Under



Friday December 10, 2010
Just a quick reminder that Wednesday's guest Lance Beggs from YourTradingCoach is offering CFRN listeners a comprehensive review of Tuesday's ES session (over 20 pages) in PDF format complete with charts. If you enjoyed the interview and are curious to discover more about how he views the markets and finds trade opportunity within the price action, subscribe to his newsletter at YourTradingCoach and send an email to Lance letting him know you're an active part of the CFRN community. He will reply with a copy of his 27 Page PDF created exclusively for the CFRN Family.
One day of trading... 27 pages? Hello? Can you possibly beat down the craving to read what one man could possibly spend 27 pages talking about in regards to one mediocre nondescript day of trading? If you can... you've got more self control than I do. 
Lions and Tigers and Bears could not have held me back. Oh my.........
You'll be amazed at how Lance walks you through his trading decisions Bar by Bar. I've been telling you for years that my best advice is not to buy indicators (and I sell indicators) but to "Learn How To Trade". Well here's your chance to "Learn How To Trade".
Or you can just keep scouring the internet until your fingers bleed for that which doesn't exist. I'm telling you IT DOES NOT EXIST! If it did, I would own it, I would use it, and you would never even know I existed. I would be one of those ridiculously wealthy people on the Upper East Side who has never worked a day in their life. I assure you, Gossip Girl has never issued an email blast about me or any of my clients. I'm a working stiff. Have I worked hard? YES! Have I succeeded beyond my wildest expectations? YES! Did I have more fun giving it away than I had making it? (that was rhetorical)
Do I believe Jesus will meet all my needs according to his Father's riches in glory?  YES!
Don't be deceived...I have indicators. Awesome Indicators! Yes, I honestly think they are the best indicators in the industry. But unless you are willing to "Learn How To Trade" don't buy our indicators. Our orphans will live for a day if you buy our indicators, but if you "Learn How To Trade" you can change their world forever. 
How are old are you?
Google an actuary table. Don't get depressed. As a believer (CFRN is a community of believers who trade for a living) your life is eternal, but your time on planet earth is limited. (sorry, I don't make this stuff up)
Now here's the rub, you can leave an eternal gift in a temporary place... 
So glad you asked...
If you my fellow trader, could teach an orphan in Africa how to make $600 a day as opposed to the their national income of $600 a year, and you gave God all the glory for it and taught your student to give God all the glory for it... how long before the Dark Continent would become the Continent of Light? 5 years, 10 years, does it matter?

You need to think long and hard about this. $600 to you and I might be a new set of tires. To a family in Africa it's an annual income. If you actually took the time to become a long distance father and mentor to an orphan at our orphanage. If you were willing to commit a few hours a week to not only teach him how to make 2 points a day, but how to love his wife (1 wife), and to be a real father to his children, and as a result become an example to his village which over time reshapes a nation.....would that be cool? Or would it be one of the most incredible things a Christian could ever hope to accomplish in this lifetime?
Originally this PDF created by Lance Beggs complete with charts was to be a bonus for those who purchase his new course. He contacted me Thursday night and informed me that he actually wants every member of the CFRN family to have their very own copy of this 27 page PDF absolutely free.
To grab your free copy just send Lance an email  - and let him know you're an active member of the CFRN family. If you have not listened to the interview yet, here it is - 

Each morning prior to our Daily Devotional we will be opening the program with a Candlestick Analysis Video created by Lance. You know already that I'm a firm believer in the Secret Life of Candles (the title of my upcoming book) and each day with the help of Lance's videos, I will be able to share a little more of what I already know and hopefully even learn a few things myself. 
I look forward to this new strategic relationship and the benefits it will bring to the entire CFRN Family. 
Don't delay - Get Your Free Copy Today! 
You can Google till your fingers bleed. You can trade in the simulator and convince your wife and perhaps even yourself that you have a career, at least for a while. But here's the deal, once the 5% Home Equity Credit Line is maxed out and you're forced to move on to the Credit Cards @ 18% to support the trader fantasy...then what? 

Another indicator?
Another time frame?

Maybe you just need to give up. Surrender. Say once and for all..... "Enough is enough".

That doesn't mean you have to stop trading, it means you need to decide that you are going to do what I've encouraged you to do for the past year...... LEARN HOW TO TRADE!
The longer you wait, the longer it takes.
How much time do we really have?
Our Weekly Trading Zones and Chart Room Access are emailed to members prior to the open every Monday. Join us M-F from 9am-1pm Eastern for Live Charts, Lively Discussion and Live Trading.

Trading's not easy, but it can be simple!
Become a Member Today!
Pray Hard & Trade Safe!


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