Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Christmas Gift

Do you ever wonder if what you do really matters?

Do you ever question whether or not your life on this earth will really make a difference?

I do. Often.

Tonight when Gabriel said his prayers, I heard this with my very own Dad-ears.........

"Dear God, Please help all the kids of the world understand that it's not about the toys, it's about you. I love you God. In Jesus name, Amen!"

That was it. Within 10 seconds he went from Amen to the steady rhythmic breathing of perfect peaceful sleep.

Gabe was 4 years old when he came to live with us and I learned so much in that first year. Then suddenly he was 5 and I realized I knew nothing. You see, I had never been a Dad before and I wasn't sure at 47 I could even pull it off, but by the grace of God... tonight I leaned over and kissed the forehead of an 8 year old sleeping giant and was joyously overwhelmed by how much I still have to learn.

Thank you God for helping me understand it's not about the toys...

In Jesus name, Amen!

Merry Christmas

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  1. Out of the mouth of babes... Right on Gabe, and thanks for sharing, DeWayne. Merry Christmas to you and the CFRN Family!



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