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Learn To Trade Emini Futures


Learn how to Day Trade and Swing Trade the Emini Futures market. Learn from Professional Emini Traders who trade for a living.

We offer everything you need to get started.

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  • Hands on instruction
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During your 1 Week Free Trial we'll teach you the basic concepts of Emini Futures Trading. Our traders will walk you through live emini trades as they happen. We explain all entries and exits before the trade is taken. During your trial you will have access to a Live Charting Platform and Live Data. Using the dtPro Emini Simulator, you'll be able to shadow every trade we take.

You will also be invited to participate in 1 on 1 Live training sessions during your trial. If you're ready to Learn How to Trade Emini Futures we have the tools, education, technology and experience to open the door to you new career.

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Tuesday, February 08, 2011

CFRN Has Moved / Follow Us And Learn How To Trade Emini Futures


Our daily blog can now be found HERE
You can still enjoy our audio programming HERE or HERE

If you're here just for the nostalgia - Enjoy!

If you want to learn how to trade emini futures, read on:

CFRN - A Community of Believers Who Trade For A Living


Do you stand out in the crowd? It's often hard to tell who's really serious about learning to trade for a living. For some it's a hobby, for others a simple distraction between forwarding emails, but for a select few... it means everything. It's your passion, your purpose, it's the opportunity to achieve all you've ever dreamed of. It's a good job in a bad economy. It's the chance to make a difference in a world gone horribly wrong. The market doesn't care which side of the tracks you were born on. The market isn't interested in your resume', your degree, or the lack thereof. The market will give you the same respect it gives Warren Buffet and it will also take your lunch money just like that jerk did in 7th grade.

CFRN has served a very diverse community for the past 6 years. We've attempted to be everything for everyone. Looking back it's easy to see we did some things well and some things not so well. We laughed together, learned together, loved God and loved one another. We have no regrets and posses a legacy of fond memories. Relationships have been forged that will follow us into eternity.

If there was one thing I could change about the past it would be nothing. We are all the sum of every experience both good and bad that has crossed our paths.

If there was one thing I could change about the future... it would be everything.

Michael and I have decided that together along with Burt and Leslie, we are going to concentrate our efforts on raising up an army of Christian Traders who will each in their own way, be given the opportunity to leave a legacy of their own. A footprint in the sands of time that will span generations to come. We invite you to join us on this most wonderful journey. It will require courage and stamina, commitment and focus, hard work and determination. It means giving up preconceived notions of Wall Street Success and walking a path that leads through the narrow door. There are many methods and mentors in this business of trading. "Broad is the path that leads to destruction." We are simply looking for the very few who hear the same call that we hear. This is much more than just a business venture, becoming a Christian Trader with CFRN is a way of life.

Do you stand out in the crowd?

Trading the
American Dream

A trader is a new kind of missionary.
Not defined by geography, but marked by the willingness to apply the parable of the Good Samaritan and "go and do likewise".
Being a Christian Trader means being intentional with your time, your money, and your passions.
Christianity should be a verb, not a noun. It's a movement that requires us to live out our faith... not just talk about it.

Would you like to learn how to trade?
1st step in the journey is your free trial.
You have 1 full week to determine if this path is for you.

2nd step is to purchase the CFRN Indicator Set.
The complete set is only $3,500.00. This is not a lease! You own the entire Suite of Indicators for life.

3rd step is to open a live trading account with Burt and Leslie at Daniels Trading. The minimum amount required to fund an account with Daniels Trading is $2,000.00. Once your account is open you pay Zero Dollars for data feeds. Emini, Metals, Crude, Grains, Forex, Currency Futures all with no additional monthly charge. You also have unlimited access to the simulator for as long as you need it. You even have the ability to switch between Live Markets and the Simulator with a simple mouse click. Already got your points for the day? It's only 10AM? Click your mouse and move into the simulator to continue practicing the set-ups for as long as you like.

Bottom Line - To purchase the indicator set and fund your account will require a minimum investment of $5,500.00 total. It's difficult to find any business you can start with an initial investment at this level. To find a business opportunity that includes all the tools, training, and support required, for less than $50k is virtually impossible. Am I right?

Disclaimer - I don't need the C.F.T.C. or the S.E.C. to force me to say what I am about to say. I answer to a higher authority, the G.O.D.  
You can open a Mcdonald's and go broke.
You can open a Water & Ice store and go broke.
You can open a 99 Cents Only store and go broke.
You can buy our indicators, open an account with Daniels Trading and go broke in the first hour.

That's right........ Trading is Risky and you can lose all your money really fast. We hope however, that you will take it slow, make good use of the simulator, avail yourself to all the classes and support we offer, and spend lots of time in the Live Trading Room, before you begin trading live.

So what exactly do I get when I buy the Indicators?

CFRN Indicator Set
Designed for All Markets & All Time Frames

Training and Mentoring

2 months unlimited telephone and email support

8 training workshops / 1 class per week for 2 months

80 hours live daily trading and training / 2 hours per day

2 months of Weekly Trading Zones

Unlimited access to our Video Training Library


Ongoing Training and Support 

After 2 months, you will have access to the following on a month to month basis as desired
Daily live trading room (2 hours)
1 class per week
Telephone and Email support
Weekly Trading Zones

$75.00 per month

All Current Free Trials expire Friday Feb 11th, 2011

Limited time offer:

Current Free Trial Members have a

One Time Special Offer

which includes everything listed above:
Do you stand out in the crowd?  
Would you like to? 

This special offer will expire Friday February 11th 2011 @ Midnight.

Trading's not easy, but it can be simple.

Please Note:

The above offer expired @ Midnight on February 11, 2011.
It remains on this page purely as part of our archives. We have not offered this rate again, nor do we have any plans to do so. Once again, this portion of our website - is exactly that, a historical archive of the past 6 years of Radio and Emini History. As we enter our 7th year please join us at and become a part of the most exciting new phenomena on the internet.Take our FREE Trial and be sure to tune in to our Live Daily Radio Broadcast from 12pm - 2pm EST M-F.

Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Emini Futures Trading / Inside Day


from the trading desk of CFRN...

Inside Day today leaves speculators uneasy! Yesterday, we were off to a great start with the E-Mini S&P500 reaching a high of $1272.50. Turn-around Tuesday somehow lacked the enthusiasm. We fell short of the optimism hitting a high of $1270.00. Note the low of the day was still higher than yesterday; hence, an “Inside Day”! Analysts may view the day as profit-taking as the extension yesterday from the December bullish trading in the E-Mini S&P 500 warranted some profit-taking. Another thought may be that the tangibles such as Crude Oil and the Agricultural Markets may have been pressured by the stronger US Dollar. Factory Orders rose, but the Federal Reserve Officials still find the economic recovery weak. The major concern is still unemployment. Until we see a sustainable growth that employs the varied sectors with full-time work, we still are vulnerable.

Tomorrow, we look forward to ISM Non-Manufacturing Index at 9:00 AM CST. The market seems to look forward to the Initial Jobless Claims Thursday to confirm any bullish sentiment.

E-Mini S&P 500

"Every new beginning...
comes from some other beginning's end."

CFRN Staff Writers / D. Reeves - L. Burton - B. Schlichter  

Daily Market Profile Numbers for Wednesday 01/05/10
VAH -  1266.25
POC - 1264.25
VAL -  1261.75
Our Weekly Trading Zones and Chart Room Access are emailed to members prior to the open every Monday. Join us M-F from 9am-1pm Eastern for Live Charts, Live Trading, and Lively Discussion. 

Trading's not easy, but it can be simple!
Become a Member Today!
Pray Hard & Trade Safe!

Monday, January 03, 2011

Emini Futures Trading / The January Effect


from the trading desk of CFRN...

Let’s talk January effect! Each year we look for it!  It is a calendar motivated market move to study.  It is based on price behavior seasonally expecting the stock market to trade lower in December and increase in January.  It does not always work out.  One basic theory is that for tax purposes, speculators may sell their positions in December and re-establish them in January.    We kicked off the 1st trading day of the year with a high of $1272.50 for a high (Note the high of our CFRN Weekly Trade Zones)!  Besides the technical points, US Manufacturing grew to 57 from 56.6 in November showing a steady 17 month rise.  Construction Spending came in higher as well confirming a bullish sentiment for the day.    The Global Economic Outlook was viewed as positive today. This of course coincides with the expectations later this week for a good Initial Jobless Claims, Retail Sales etc on the slate for Thursday and Friday.  Asset rebalancing should also keep the outlook positive for the E-Mini S&P 500 as Fund Managers look to allocate more money to commodities perhaps.  It will be contingent on some further positive data coming in.  We are off to a good start.

Tomorrow brings Factory Orders at 10am EST and FOMC Minutes at 2pm EST.

CFRN Staff Writers / D. Reeves - L. Burton - B. Schlichter  

Daily Market Profile Numbers for Thursday 12/23/10
VAH -  1271.00
POC - 1270.00
VAL -  1266.50
Our Weekly Trading Zones and Chart Room Access are emailed to members prior to the open every Monday. Join us M-F from 9am-1pm Eastern for Live Charts, Live Trading, and Lively Discussion. 

Trading's not easy, but it can be simple!
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Pray Hard & Trade Safe!