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Burton Schlichter

Futures and Options Experience

Burton “Burt” Schlichter has 15 years of futures trading experience, including educating, mentoring, and executing for retail and institutional clients.  He places a strong emphasis on trading the markets from a technical standpoint and on utilizing spread trading.  Additionally, for traders interested in buying and selling options on futures contracts, Burt has extensive knowledge of options trading strategies.

Market Approach and Trading Style

Burt has a “Keep it simple, stupid” mentality toward viewing the futures markets and strives to avoid information overload.  He emphasizes having a trading plan and having the discipline to stick with the plan.  “I don’t believe in Holy Grails.  Plan the trade.  Trade the plan.” — Burton Schlichter

Risk Management

Burt strongly advocates using stop losses and “trailing stops”.  He stresses that traders should exercise patience and avoid overtrading.  “I’ll wait for trades to set-up, and I’ll look for pullbacks to buy or sell.” — Burton Schlichter

Writings and Commentary

Burt’s commentary on the markets and trading can be heard daily on Christian Financial Radio Network or www.cfrn.net. He has also written about the futures markets for Reuters, CBS Market Watch and other media outlets across the globe and has been featured on British Television for his S&P commentary.

Burt is the author of “Capture the Move” a newsletter that offers specific trade recommendations exclusively to his Daniels Trading clients.

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Google search “Burton Schlichter” — he has built some credibility over the years.

Burt’s Keys to Successful Trading

  • Have a trading plan
  • Be disciplined
  • Have an exit strategy
  • Practice risk management
  • Have patience and avoid overtrading
  • Leave your opinion at the door
“I preach these points with my clients and students today.  It’s my opinion, to avoid being a casualty of the markets, one has to establish a trading plan.  On a daily basis I am helping clients evaluate the markets, establishing trading plans, and offering trade ideas to give them the edge.”
Stay Alert Stay Alive — Burton Schlichter

Webinar and Event Schedule

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Leslie Burton

“My best client is an informed client!”

My 24 years in the futures markets has been well spent monitoring the various indicator packages and systems that professional and retail clients use. There certainly is no “Holy Grail,” but there are basic parameters that potentially may warrant a higher probability of success on trades. I place a strong emphasis on a client’s financial goals and apply money management to keep those goals in perspective. My personal desires to trade successfully were found in a trading room set up for the floor brokers coming up off the CME Floors after each trading day. Charts, hand graphed, were hanging out of their stuffed pockets. These charts were the only technical guide that these “pit warriors” had in formulating their trades.


For me, 1979 began as part owner of a metal’s recycling company. Chemical tanks were used for the X-Ray film collected from the hospitals and environmentally controlled furnaces were uses to melt the gold fingers from the old computers, usually purchased from the US Government as scrap.
Then, in 1984, I began to get involved in the commodity markets by attending numerous classes in technical analysis. As a registered broker, I attended Market Technicians Association functions. I was selected as broker for many CTA’s such as top “Turtle” Michael Cavallo, along with vendors recommending as broker to their indicator packages and reports. I have been quoted in Concensus Newsletter and have given market updates on “Tiger Financial News Network.” I have also conducted webinars for FX Street on Fibonacci and Advanced Technicals, and plan to continue sharing trading ideas and strategies through further webinars.

Market Focus:

I primarily focus on the most liquid markets. Execution is vital to implement strategies according to ones trading model.

Trading Strategies:

I derive the trading model upon the initial client consultation. The most important part is to keep the discipline within the trade model. I like to use seasonal guidelines and will often spread trade to garnish a differential between various commodities or months. I believe in waiting for the ‘perfect’ scenario before entering the marketplace. In addition, each position has a stop loss strategy with a risk in mind. On the flipside, trailing stops or timely exits are in place upon the culmination of each trade.

Risk/Money Management View:

I will employ stops for outright futures positions. Options spread strategies may also be used, depending on the forecast for the market. Even quiet flat markets may use butterfly spreads to take advantage of a small range of trading.

Technical and/or Fundamental Focus:

I concentrate on technical analysis, primarily breaking down charts by using various moving averages, momentum, stochastics and RSI indicators. I read and listen to any fundamental factors that may impact the markets. Market psychology is another factor that I will include in my analysis.

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Risk Disclosure

Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future performance.  The risk of loss in trading futures contracts or commodity options can be substantial, and therefore investors should understand the risks involved in taking leveraged positions and must assume responsibility for the risks associated with such investments and for their results.
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