Darren Saunders

On Tuesday June 1st 2010 at 6 PM EST Dewayne Reeves and Mark Faulk held an online memorial for our friend and ally Darren Saunders at www.cfrn.net.

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Darren Saunders passed away this weekend after a long battle with cancer. I'm trying to find some words that can express how amazing of a person Darren was, and when I do, I'll write something in greater depth and post it on my website. But for now, I'll simply say that Darren was/is one of the most incredible people I've ever met. He was my friend. His father told me this morning that Darren has donated his body to science, to which I replied, "Of course he did". Because even in death, Darren still wants to make the world a little better place. The world has lost a passionate voice for justice. His efforts for stock market reform will not be forgotten, and more importantly, the lives he touched will be better for having known him. Darren, we love you.

Mark Faulk

When Picasso Painted the Sixteenth Chapel

CFRN Wall Street Fraud Series w/ Darren Saunders - Circa 2005/2006
Wall Street Fraud 2
Wall Street Fraud 3 
Wall Street Fraud 4 
Wall Street Fraud 5
Wall Street Fraud 6 
Wall Street Fraud 7
Wall Street Fraud 8 
Wall Street Fraud 9
Wall Street Fraud 10
Wall Street Fraud 11
Wall Street Fraud 12 

We are planning an online memorial service for Darren on CFRN. If you would like to participate please email ct@cfrn.net or faulkingtruth@gmail.com. We will email you the date, time and call-in number.

Please post your thoughts and comments here on the blog as well.

R.I.P. My Friend


  1. Anonymous11:50 AM

    I cannot believe there are zero comments.

    I had the distinct pleasure of being friends with Darren. We spoke often and I am so saddened to finally hear this. I saw it nowhere. Only when I went to find his myspace page, did I realize what happened.

    To the immediate, and extended family and friends, I am so sorry that you have to carry such a heavy load in this way. My heart goes out to you and you all will be in my thoughts and prayers.


  2. Anonymous9:15 PM

    Darren worked as a unlicense cold caller at Stratton Oakmont.

    Where's my stock? Who will play Darren?

    Belfort had a motto: "No one hangs up the phone until the customer buys or dies."

    Jordan Belfort: Confessions of the Wolf of Wall Street

    Tom Leonard
    Published: 12:02AM GMT 25 Feb 2008


  3. I knew Darren since I got in this country 21 years ago. I don't understand much about the market, but I understand very much about people. He was one of the finest sincere and good heart person I ever met.
    I remember Darren, a positive man about the future, doing the things right and dreaming one day to make a movie about wall street.
    My family loves him, and everyone who had a chance to know this man would understand what I am trying to say.
    Darren I miss you from the bottle of my heart and sorry if I didn't take you to visit my country! Love you always...


  4. Anonymous8:19 PM




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